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Careers: Benefits


As part of our talent management process, we strive to provide our employees with a competitive total compensation package. Total compensation includes cash compensation as well as flexible benefit choices.

Specifically, our cash compensation philosophy means we offer employees a base pay that is both competitive in the marketplace and internally. We conduct market-based surveys on a regular basis to ensure our pay is consistent for providing similar services within the area. We also provide performance-driven incentives, whenever possible, that recognizes an individual’s contributions to the company’s success. Performance-based rewards include bonuses, alternative rewards, and instant compensation.

Other performance based alternative rewards include gift cards, gift certificates and other recognition for employees who go beyond their normal job requirements to help with special projects. Instant compensation provides cash bonuses to individuals and teams who work long hours to complete major projects and achieve proven results.

Our pay-for-performance approach is designed to be fair and consistent while linking rewards with business results.

Health and Wellness

The health of our employees and their families is important to us. Having access to quality and affordable health care is one of our most valued benefits. Our comprehensive wellness program gives employees and their family members the tools, resources and support they need to maintain a healthy life style. We offer our employees medical, dental and vision plans, of which the company subsidizes a portion of the employee medical cost. In addition, employees may purchase additional income protection insurance plans that are available. We also offer a flexible spending account and wellness program.

Financial Security

401 (k) Savings Plan

This employee benefit was developed specifically to help you accumulate the money you will need to live a long and comfortable retirement. As a participant in the Plan, you will have an account established in your name, and you can make voluntary pre‐tax and Roth contributions to that account. The Plan is a 401(k) plan that allows your retirement dollars to grow tax-deferred using investment options that you select.

In addition, the company makes matching contributions to help you reach your goals. The company will make matching contributions of $1 for every $1 you contribute, up to 5% of pay, after you meet the eligibility requirements.

Employer Profit Sharing Contributions

The company may make a discretionary profit sharing contribution on an annual basis to each qualifying participant. To qualify for a possible profit-sharing contribution after meeting initial eligibility requirements, a participant must have worked 1,000 hours during the year and be employed on the last day of the year.

Career Development

If you’re looking for somewhere to work that offers you more than just a paycheck, some place where you can build a great and meaningful career, look no further than joining our team! We believe that ongoing career development enables you to realize your full potential, which helps the company realize its full potential.

As a valued team-member, whether you’re an individual contributor or senior manager, you can choose to enhance your current skills and/or develop new skills for the future. Whether you want to specialize in one area or gain experience in multiple disciplines, we help you do so through our formal training programs, tuition reimbursement, mentoring, and one-on-one coaching. We offer an environment where people are truly committed to helping you succeed.