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Capabilities: CCTV Services

Dedicated to Providing State of the Art Video Surveillance

GC&E Federal has the experience, expertise, and certified personnel to ensure our customers IP-based video solutions are properly installed and adhere to manufacturer specified and IT industry standards and practices. We custom design solutions for your video, cloud, and access control solutions so they seamlessly integrate across your entire video security systems.

CCTV Project Summary

Need: A large Georgia organization required an updated video surveillance system and employee training for usage and monitoring.

Solution: We installed, configured, and tested 422 specialty Communications IP Cameras with full and seamless integration into a state-of-the-art enterprise IP video surveillance system.
This project included expert consultation, engineering, design, construction, system integration, and testing of all equipment and ancillary components. We also provided server provisioning, testing, adjustment, and calibration of the integrated new system, end user training, warranty support, system health monitoring, and on-call services.

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