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About GC&E Federal



Effective communication between partners is essential. Open-minded and effective channels of communication within the partnership will help to ensure that there are no misaligned expectations between us. The planning of every single detail from proposal to operational execution is not realistic; however, the success of the effort will depend on the amount of trust and communication between us and our partner.


Consideration for the level of commitment required from each of our companies is essential on every mission and should not be ambiguous, each of us should understand the level of delivery, from proposal to the execution of our service delivery.


The more collaborative the partnership is, the more successful the undertaking. However, it is also important to remember that we are forming a partnership, both organizations want, and need, to maintain our own proprietary information and, simultaneously, share the appropriate resources needed to cultivate a unified team as a cohesive service team.

Focus on the Outcome

The primary focus is to know and understand what we can deliver as well as what we would like in return from our partner. Initiating discussions and / or negotiations with a partner without clear suggestions can cause them to lose interest before the process can really take root. As a reciprocal relationship, this process works both ways – as a prime and a sub, our partners should also be able to rely on us and our trust.